SEO Services: How We Systematically Increase Your Organic Traffic

Step 1. Auditing

The first step to every campaign is to crawl your website, in conjunction with data from Google Search Console. We will put together a comprehensive side-wide and page-level audit on your entire website to identify not only Technical on OnPage SEO issues, but also do expose opportunities in the market. eCommerce stores especially contain numerous pages held back by SEO issues.

This is extremely common without a deep and solid understanding of SEO principles and the need for regular monitoring. We use specialized inhouse tools (like what) to automate the data analysis and audit, which we then prioritize according to the most impactful changes and possible opportunities.

This will dictate our SEO strategy in the upcoming months, starting with the bottom funnel – in layman terms, your homepage, category, and product pages.

Step 2. Research

The audit stage will reveal shortcomings as well as opportunities to increase overall traffic to your site. This brings us to the research stage where we combine keywords with these opportunities. Perhaps your worthy competitors already have the traffic that you envy. That is why we start our research on your competition and identify the main keywords (or search phrases) that the are ranked for. 

We then take that data and compare it against your own current keyword ranking and traffic. Based on that information, we form a plan on the biggest win/opportunity scenario to target your homepage, possibly new category and product pages. Common examples here include brand names, subcategories, and filters, like sorting options by size or by colour. 

Step 3. Link the Gap

You could say steps 1 to 3 are our learning phase about your company and website. Step 3 is the final part of this phase as we conduct a link gap analysis. This compares your backlink profile against your top competitors to establish the best link building strategy.

When we analyse the data of your competitors, we determine what works for each crucial keyword. This includes the number of links to a specific page, anchor text rations, and link relevance.  

Step 4. Implementation

The learning phase is finally out of the way. Now the fun starts as we develop a complete plan of action of every page and every detail that needs to be optimized. This includes every technical change needed, an overview of which keywords need prioritizing, and how to build these links to really stand out. 

At this point, we are looking at the first six to eight months of the campaign, but it could be longer for bigger sites that are entirely focused on increasing consumer traffic to the bottom of the funnel pages. 

Next, our SEO crafters will conduct a page-level content audit, and either implement all of the changes on your behalf, or work hand-in-hand with your own in-house team in accordance with your own action plan. Of course, we can also do a combination of both. 

There are two things that we don’t cover in-house;

  1. Content: You know your business much better than we do, so you can write way more compelling content. However, we are the full package, and can recommend the best copywriters for the job. 
  2. Backlinks: We builds thousands of links per month, and we purchase all links. You will be charged a flat rate for per premium link.

Step 5. Analysis

The “art” of SEO lies in auditing and research, which gives us the recipe. However, the “kitchen” is never the same, so our skills in analyzing the data to make adjustments are critical.

As we are implementing the recommended changes and audit suggestions, we are also constantly measuring the keyword rankings, Google Search Console Data, and Google Analytics to see what is working for your website. As we monitor the results, we may find that certain pages outperform more than anticipated, so these pages will be prioritized. On the flip side, some pages may also not improve as expected, so further research is needed to find the cause.

SEO is an involved process, and it takes time to generate traffic to your site organically. That is why all our SEO campaigns kick off with a minimum six month contract.

Step 6. Expand

Up to this point, we’ve only focused on the bottom of the funnel. Here, we shift into high gear once we’ve maxed out the potential of your technical and onpage SEO visibility. Now we move our focus to the middle and top of the funnel keywords. Essentially, this means we will come up with a blog content plan.
In the middle funnel, for instance, people may be searching for information about your products, or in the top funnel, it could be around content in your niche. While these keywords convert less buyers than BOF keywords, it does allow for a massive expansion of keyword targeting. This in turn will increase traffic, earning potential, and brand awareness.

On expansion, we repeat all the above steps in your middle and top funnel with another content audit that includes keyword gap analysis, a content plan, and content tweaks.

So… How much will this all cost me?

Like everything in life, it depends on a myriad of factors. However, for the sake of transparency, we charge a flat rate of $90 for every hour we spend on your campaign. We will discuss a fixed, pre-planned number of hours, based on the scope of the project, the size of your website, and of course, the amount of work required.

On a ballpark figure, we will spend approximately 15 hours per month for very simple websites. More complex projects can take 40 hours – but again, it all depends on your unique circumstances.

A friendly reminder that content should be written by you, but if you don’t have in-house writers, we can help find/hire the best writers in your niche.

As for links, you’ll pay a rate depending on the price of the link. The number of links needed depends on the competition levels identified in our keyword research process.For an accurate pricing structure, please reach out to us and schedule a call. We’ll ask you a few key questions to figure out if we’re a good fit. Once both parties are satisfied to go forward, we do further research and put together a detailed plan along with pricing.

Our Monthly packages



Basic Package to increase your radius on Google Maps and Organic Search

  • GMB Posts 5 Days Per Week
  • GMB Photos 10 per month
  • GMB optimized Q&A 10 per month
  • (1) High DR Press Release
  • (1) 1500 Word Blog
  • (10) Google News Network
  • Map Stack
  • Citations

Basic + Dominate


Dominate Package to increase your radius and dominate on Google Maps and Organic Search

  • Cloud Stacks
  • (4) High DR Press Release
  • (4) 1500 Word Blog
  • (20) Google News Network
  • Niche Relevant Links
  • YouTube Stack
  • YouTube Video Embedded
  • Location Pages
  • YouTube Channel Setup
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Bespoke consulting and planning to tailor your needs and get the results you want

  • Do you have a unique situation that needs special attention? Sometimes, the best way to get what we want is by customizing our plan for us. We offer consultation and planning services in order make sure every company has their own strategy tailored just right!

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